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Coprodution with Papermoon Puppet Theatre (Yogyakarta, Indonesia), Goethe-Institute Indonesia and HfS „Ernst Busch“ Berlin, Department for contemporary puppetry


SENLIMA, „without borders“ in Esperanto, tells the story of a man whose life is turned upside down by six clowns overly eager to help. For they secretly observe the older gentleman‘s day to day life in the small white box and it turns their stomachs. One has to get out into the world! A man can‘t live his life like that! The clowns conspire to give luck a leg up. Enthusiastically, they free the man‘s only friend: a parrot. And suddenly, nothing is the same as before. For the first time in years, the man leaves the comfort of his four walls and embarks in search of his friend and his own past. The world is a strange place and danger gazes at him with two huge eyes...
SENLIMA plays with forms, combines puppetry, video art and acting and tells of stigmatisms, fear and that glorious freedom with great ease.


„SENLIMA is […] a deeply moving experience: from the sheer setup of the stage and the excellent production and handling of the puppets, to the poignant story and the important key message.“   

Jakarta Globe, 05. Oktober 2015

„Senlima“ is an impressive theatre piece about freedom. Senlima means „unlimited“ in Esperanto and isthe result of a productive new collaboration. The performance need no language to across (artistically) borders“.
Fidena Festival, WAZ Herne, 11.Mai 2016

SENLIMA | A journey with no limits
Premiere: 01th October 2015 in Yogyakarta (IND)


Festival invitations:

Literaturfestival Jakarta | Incanti Festival Turin (IT) | Figurentheaterfestival Konstanz | FIDENA Festival, Bochum | Schaubude Berlin / Showcase „Jalan-Jalan“


Director: Maria Tri Sulistyan (Papermoon Puppet Theatre), Roscha A. Säidow (Retrofuturisten)
Puppets: Iwan Effendi (Papermoon Puppet Theatre), Magdalena Roth (Retrofuturisten)
Video: Felix Schiller
Music: Schmidti

Stage- and costume design: Team
Stage manager: Aditya Murti (Papermoon Puppet Theatre)
Head of production: Dima Andari (Goethe Institut Indonesien) | Retrofuturisten
Cast: Franziska Dittrich (Retrofuturisten), Magdalena Roth (Retrofuturisten), Jana Weichelt, Caspar Bankert,
Pambo Prioyati (Papermoon Puppet Theatre), Felix Schiller

Photos: Witjak Widhi Cahya

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