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RETROFUTURISTEN are an independent theatre and puppetry company founded and based in Berlin. We are specialized in modern puppet and object theatre with an interdisciplinary approach. Always in search of distinct topics and new forms we manage the balancing act between own productions and commissioned work. Our productions emerge in cooperation with germanophone theatre houses and independent venues as well as in coproduction with international partners.

The team consist of Roscha A. Säidow (script, stage direction), Magdalena Roth (performing, puppet design and production) and Franziska Dittrich (performing, managment). Guest artists and theorists add new perspectives and trains of thought to every production..


Schauspiel Dortmund | Schauspiel Leipzig | Goethe - Institute Jordan | Goethe - Institute Indonesia | Schaubude Berlin | Neuköllner Oper Berlin | Papermoon Puppet Theatre (Indonesien) | Manufaktor | HfS „Ernst Busch", department for contemporary puppetry

Festivals and guest performances:
FIDENA Festival | Showcase Schaubude Berlin | NEWZ Festival Fitz! Stuttgart | Internationales Figurentheaterfestival „Blickwechsel“ Magdeburg | Incanti Festival Turin (Italy) | German Season Yogyakarta (Indonesia) | Literature Festival Jakarta (Indonesia) | International Literature Festival Berlin | Kaltstart Festival Hamburg | Puppet Festival Konstanz | Schaufenster Festival Berlin | Performing Arts Festival Berlin


Jana Barthel |

Caspar Bankert |

Arne van Dorsten

Jonathan Gentilhomme |

Johannes Hubert

Christoph Levermann |

Manufaktor |

Kai Wido Meyer |

Jelena Miletic​

Julia Plikat |

Bernhard Range |

Tim Riedel

Felix Schiller

Leonhard  Schubert

Jana Weichelt

Kotti Yun

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