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Mystical vision of future


Would we dare to invent something as erratic as the human being?

Prometheus hesitated during the creation of man. We grant him a glimpse into the crystal ball to find out about about the future.

We take a closer look at fate, responsibility for one's own actions and ambivalent forces of the human mind.

Five puppeteers make Prometheus' vision come to life. The legendary Caucasus Mountains are located in a giant pot belly, landscapes extend in entwined tubes and the people of the future are far too happy to be true.


„Well, it's not puppetry in the common sense. More of a poetic-magical science fiction theater, where technology spurs our imagination. (…) The way in which camera as well as projection technology is applied and how the equipment is used accoustically and optically deserves deep admiration. The puppets (Design and Production by Magda Roth) and the ingenious use of video technology likewise cause a suggestive fascination and effortlessly create a dense enchanted atmosphere that makes the remote seem close. As if of one's own accord the viewer get swept up in this symbolic plot set in ancient times which draws from the existential questions of today.“

Horst Rödiger, freier Kulturredakteur Berlin

Premiere: 27th May 2011 | bat Studiotheater

Invitations to: Figurentheaterfestival „Blickwechsel“ Magdeburg and Kaltstart Festival Hamburg


Director | Script: Roscha A. Säidow

Puppets: Magdalena Roth

Music: Tim Riedel

Videodesign: Paul Faltz

Dramatic advisor: Stefanie Michels

Cast | Scenery: Franziska Dittrich, Magdalena Roth, Anna Tkatsch, Amit Jacobi, Robert Liebner



Supported by HfS „Ernst Busch“, department for contemporary puppetry

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