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A fairytale medley with puppets & live music loosely based on the Brothers Grimm


MISSING! Prince Primrose, Princess Incomparable’s betrothed, has disappeared! Last he was seen searching for the end of the rainbow. The wedding is in grave danger and Princess Incomparable about to drown in a sea of tears. Two heroes are urgently needed to track down the prince’s whereabouts among all the creatures in fairy-tale land.
Luckily Busy Bee the Bee and his best friend Titus the dragon aren’t too busy at all, really...
With a big bad wolf on their tail they draw near to the secret of the strange disappearance. For where the rainbow ends, the land of plenty can’t be far away.


„The puppetry theatre company „Retrofuturisten“ lets its heroes [...] get acquainted with almost the whole menagerie of the Brothers Grimm‘s works. The casual handling of the meta level is one of the reasons why the guest performance makes for good entertainment even for adult visitors.
Moreover, the viewers can enjoy varied, skilled craft: The puppeteers work confidently with glove puppets as well as shadow theatre. Their precise timing links seamlessly into the balladeer-style songs by composer Schmidti to which the adventure is set.“

Carsten Niemann, Tagesspiegel, 02. 12. 2013


Premiere: 28th September 2013 | Schaubude Berlin


Invitations to: Schaubude Berlin, Neuköllner Oper, FEZ Festival, Schaufenster Berlin Festival

Director | Script: Roscha A. Säidow
Scenery | Puppets | Cast: Magdalena Roth, Franziska   Dittrich

Music: Schmidti

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