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MOBY DICK vs A.H.A.B. | All Heroes Are Bastards
A payback with puppets and actors written by Roscha A. Säidow after Herman Melville

A captain on the hunt for a white whale. What seems just like an old romantic sailors story, tells of much more: what holds a group – a ship‘s crew – together, conspired and committed to one aim. What are their dynamics? In reference to Herman Melvilles classic novel Roscha A. Säidow tells a story about revenge, craze, fanatism and terrorism: Even the RAF recognised itself in Moby Dick and chose their aliases from it. - „Ahab“ stood for Andreas Baader.
Together with her company Retrofuturisten and the ensemble of Schauspiel Dortmund Roscha A. Säidow creates a fantastic world between puppets and actors on stage in Dortmund.


"In the first act they all are puppeteers. […] Then […] the stage opens to its full width. [...] Actors or performers with huge puppet heads, shadow play and over and over these atmospheric overhead projections […].
It is as if we‘re in a dream, whaling has suddenly become a crime, the crew of the pequod, they are hooded radicals now. [...] A weird dream. Aesthetically, it‘s a feast for the eyes. The bottom line for this always also political night remains: There are no easy solutions to complex issues..“ 

Deutschlandfunk, 30. März 2015

„MOBY DICK vs. A.H.A.B. will hardly leave any viewer indifferent. The theatre play doesn‘t present a conclusive answer to the why and  wherefore of someone becoming a terrorist but inspires to further discussion. Absolutely recommended!“, 30. März 2015

Cooperation between RETROFUTURISTEN and Schauspiel Dortmund
Premiere: 27th March 2015 | Theater Dortmund


Script | Director: Roscha A. Säidow
Scenery: Julia Plickat
Puppets: Magdalena Roth, Franziska Dittrich
Music: Bernhard Range

dramatic advisor: Dirk Baumann

Cast: Franziska Dittrich, Magdalena Roth,
Sebastian Graf, Johannes Hubert, Uwe Schmieder

Photos: Birgit Hupfeld

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