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An undercover roadtrip through Europe

No credit cards! Street music! With these two as our only rules we embarked on our great journey.

Back then, in summer 2013. Four weeks undercover on the roads of Europe. Schmidti and Jacky. Cowboys, noble tramps, layabouts with a proper sense of self-deprecation. The gas stations our home, the asphalt our stage, in truck cockpits we left border after border behind.


Every which way, just follow your nose. First show in Venice, last at Westkreuz in Berlin; if we actually made it to Istanbul or whether we became stranded in Lissabon, you'll find out in the show. With a backpack full of songs, crazy anecdotes and ludicrous encounters, we redo the trip once again – together, with you, our audience!


Premiere: 26th June 2014 | Neuköllner Oper


Music TScript | Director: Roscha A. Säidow

Music composition and arrangements: Bernhard Range

Scenery: Julia Plickat

Cast: Franziska Dittrich, Magdalena Roth Timo Hastenpflug, Johannes Hubert, Magdalena Roth

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