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Ein Puppet-Action-Thriller

Grim times lie behind us and horror lies ahead. Welcome to the city. The city of fear.

In the apartment of burned-out journalist Billy, there’s a coming and going of strange creatures. His editor in chief waves deadlines for the most godawfully mindless articles into his face while the world around Billy drowns in filth. Business as usual in this swamp full of freaks, violence, corruption and miniature baby puppies. But when Billy doesn’t write the usual gossip one day, he is greeted by a wave of excitement from the oppressed underclass.

LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION! Run for your lives! Politics, intrigue, street riots, power and decay: City of Fear - a retrofuturistic Graphic Novel-Action-Movie in theaters now!



A predominant feeling which carries over during this 70 minute long evening, is passion. Passionate for a genre, passionate for cliché, passionate to picturize. (…) „life sucks“ final words and quintessence in „City of Fear“, but as long as it's been told in such an excited way, there is hope in it.“  Tim Tonndorf in Double 04/2013

Premiere: 20th October 2012 | bat Studiotheater Berlin

Invitations to: Festival „Die animierte Stadt“ / FITZ! Figurentheaterzentrum Stuttgart


Director | Script: Roscha A. Säidow

Comics: → page

Music: Bernhard Range, Tim Riedel

Voice-Over: Johann Jürgens

Dramatic advisor: Xenia Voland

Puppets: Magdalena Roth

Scenery | Cast: Franziska Dittrich, Magdalena Roth, Kotti Yun, Arne van Dorsten, Leonard Schubert


Supported by  HfS „Ernst Busch“, department for contemporary puppetry

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